Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twitter, the New Customer Service Frontier

So I've been Twittering. It's fun. It is a release especially for an opinionated woman who works from home (alone most days). I always have things to say, now I have a place to say them.

That's nice you say. Still sounds like a time waster to me. Hold on there, not yet.

Late last month, I received a special email offer from Network Solutions for a buy one get on domains. I've just launched a new personal blog (on Blogger for now) and I wanted to get the domain for that blog. BOGO? Great, I'm there.

I placed the order and noticed that I was charged for both domains. I emailed, but never heard back, so Tuesday, I picked up the phone and called. Net Sol immediately scored points because Cyndi, the woman I spoke was obviously a native speaker of the English language. She asked that I forward the email and then put me on hold (only for like a minute and a half, more points) when she came back she kindly (and I mean that sincerely) pointed out the teeny tiny gray on gray print at the very bottom of the page. She said that many people like to purchase multiple iterations of a domain (i.e., Hmm, something I didn't think of with this purchase. Cyndi apologized for the confusion.

They had me, but I wasn't happy about it. So, what's a girl to do? Well Twitter of course!

Fearless oooh, I got snookered by Network Solutions!!!! Grr. So far I'm 0 for 2 on domain name registrars. Go Daddy burned me too. Lesson learned, always, READ teeny tiny gray on gray print closely!netsolcares netsolcares @Fearless I'm Gerry at Network Solutions. I'm sorry, I'd like to help you. Can you contact me at --email deleted--

I laughed. Ok, I'll bite. What the heck, I'll see what he can do. What the heck indeed. Gerry and I exchanged a few emails, wherein I explained what happened and my frustration about the teeny tine gray on gray print, and he offered to refund me the cost of the second domain. WHOA! Really?

Really. I spoke to him by phone yesterday. He told me he'd forwarded my complaint about the teeny tine gray on gray print to The Customer Voice, (a place for NetSol to collect customer input). I was so pleased at the outreach, and the genuine effort put in to making me feel better about the transaction, I suggested that instead of refunding the cost of the domain I purchased, that he just add the .nets to both of the .coms I purchased.

I may be opionoinated, but I can be reasonable, especially if I think my complaints have been heard. So three cheers to Gerry and hears to never seeing teeny tine gray on gray print in a Network Solutions ad again!

So I'll keep Twitterin'. Who knows where it might lead. Do you Twitter? Follow me @Fearless.


Jill said...

Are those toads at Netsol still charging $35/domain? Wait till you want to move yours to another registrar, that will be another nightmare in and of itself.

Jenn said...

Twitter is so on my list of things to do when I have free time.

Translated: probably never.