Friday, January 25, 2008

Making Connections in the World of Social Media

I am a people person. Anyone who knows me well knows that is an understatement. I know a lot of people, and I have a really good memory that retains all kinds of details about people. I get a kick out of connecting people who might share a common interest. Although I genuinely enjoy doing it for the pleasure of building a community of friends and business associates, I will also say that what goes around comes around and I’ve had the great fortune to be introduced to some really cool people as a result of the introductions I’ve made.

So yesterday I’m minding my own at my computer, head down, nose to the grindstone, when I notice that my friend Jen has changed her status to @ GOT SOCIAL MEDIA. Got Social Media is a one day workshop based conference in Houston, TX that brings together some of the top minds in social media.

I know this because my BlogHer buddy Katie mentioned it on her blog and when I read it, I drooled and contemplated attending for oh about 30 seconds, then reality set in.

So, when I realized Jen was there, I knew that she and Katie had to meet. I just knew they’d hit it off. At first Jen thought I was nuts.

me: Ok so while you're in Houston, say hi to my friend Katie for me she works for Schipul

Jennifer: lol, I'll shout it out when I'm on the streets after this event :)”.

I narrowed Jen’s search field to Got Social Media attendees and sent her links to Katie’s photo and assured her they’d hit it off. She said she’d ask around. I also sent Katie an email telling her Jen was there and included links to Jen’s info.

Late in the day I got emails from both of them saying they had indeed met (in the bathroom of all places) and each was psyched to make a connection with the other. SCORE!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Writer's Way North 2nd Meeting

Ok, so the immediacy of blogging sometimes gets overshadowed by running a business, managing a household, and juggling 2 kids and a husband. That said Dear Reader, I don’t want you to miss out on information that could possibly be THE nugget that you need to make huge changes in your life, so you will go on to be successful and renowned beyond your wildest dreams all because you read about Star Dargin on my little ‘ole blog.

Dramatic? Me? Maybe, but then again maybe not :).

The Way North Writer’s Group met for the second time earlier this month. Once again the meeting was held at the lovely home of Linda Formechelli and Eric Martin.

Our featured speaker was Star Dargin a consultant and coach. Star lead us through some goal setting activities for our writing in 2008. We had another great turn out and Star did a great job of keeping us on track while also allowing us to share suggestions and inspire one another.

Coaches are becoming more and more popular. I’ve always though of myself as the kind of person that can self-motivate, but as I close in on my 40th year, I find that while I get many things done, I’m REALLY good at putting of the things that I claim are most important to me.

Star and I have a sample coaching call scheduled for early next month. I’ve told her I’m not sure I’m a) ready or b) have the time to commit a coaching relationship, right now, but I am interested in learning more.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the services Star offers at

Monday, January 7, 2008

Three Cheers for Rymes Propane

Everyone slept late in my house on Saturday morning. Trust me folks, this is a major feat. When I finally stumbled out of bed to greet the little guy, it thought it was chilly, but thought it was just my body grumbling about getting out of a warm bed.

After a while, I decided, it wasn't just me, it was chilly. Turns out, I was right, it was chilly, 56 degrees as a matter of fact (we keep the thermostats at 67). I called Rymes Propane at 9:00am (I checked at the clock as I put on a fleece robe) and left a message for the on call staff. In the mean time, my husband was tinkering with the furnace trying to determine a cause for the cold. Our gas fireplace worked as did our stove, so it wasn't a fuel deficiency.

The phone rang at 9:04 am. Much to my delight, it was NOT a political candidate or a pollster, it was Gary from Rymes. He had a sense of humor, politely asked some questions and promised to be to us within an hour. He was in my door before 10am and had the furnace going by 10:15 am (for those who care, a vacuum hose had dried out).

Can't ask for much better service than that. Thanks Rymes!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Writers Way North

Last month I attended the first meeting of Writers Way North. The name is a little misleading since we met in Concord, NH, but for some folks “down South”, (you know like in Boston), Concord New Hampshire, may as well be the Canadian border!

Writers Way North is the brain child of Linda Formichelli and Elaine Grant. Both are experienced writers with diverse backgrounds who are looking to share leads and best practices with like minded colleagues.

There were 11 of us at the December meeting held at the lovely home of Linda Formichelli and Eric Martin. There was great food an a lot of laughs. We talked about “Micro Actions” -- the small things that we can all do, with little stress, to further our long-term goals as writers and editors. Linda wrote a blog entry on this very subject in October.

Writer’s Way North is not meant to be a critique group, but rather a way for those seriously engaged in writing to network and learn from each other. The group hopes to meet on a monthly basis with discussions in between via a Google group.

So, have you published at least one piece in a paying market OR started a blog OR worked in a writing/editorial staff position at some point OR have the intention of selling your work, be it fiction or nonfiction? Are you interested in networking with other Northern New England writers? Drop me an email (laughlin at fearlessevents dot com) with WWN Information in the subject and I’ll send you the information.

Our next meeting is a week from tonight (January 10th) a 7pm in Concord, NH we will be discussing goals for our writing. Hope to see you there.