Friday, June 8, 2007

Women In Business In New Hampshire

I lived in and around Boston for more than seventeen years. Like most cities Boston is very eclectic. I miss that living in New Hampshire. The other thing I miss about living in Boston, is the resources. Boston is awash in resources for event the smallest of niches.

What I’m finding in New Hampshire is that the resources are there, but not as well publicized and those that do exist are more general in nature.

Tonight, I Googled Women + Business + NH. I was thrilled to see the Woman’s Business Center at the top of the list. I’ve had the pleasure of attending several WBC events and have enjoyed them all. Their staff and members are a wealth of knowledge.

Next came the venerable Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of New Hampshire. BPW chapter’s meet throughout New Hampshire. There’s one near me in Concord, but I have yet to make a meeting. Evening meetings are tough with my husband’s commuting schedule. What about you? Have you attended a BPW meeting? Did you enjoy it? Was it easy to talk to the other women? Please share your experiences.

Next came a new comer to the state, Southern New Hampshire Women’s Business Network. Looks like an interesting group. They are on my to-do list to check out. Are you a member? Have you been to any of their events?

Last is the American Business Women’s Association. They meet monthly in the Manchester area. I’ve been trying to get to one of their meetings since January. Again with the husband’s commute schedule!

The Concord area is has two networking groups for women in business. There is a BPW chapter. In my experience, BPW, tends to be women in corporate america or who work FOR someone else. I’m interested in netwoking with women like me who struck out on their own.

There is also Debby Hoffman’s IPPW, in the Power of Positive Women, which meets in both Concord and Nashua. I’ve attended a few IPPW events and even spoke at one. Always a fun and diverse group of women, and they meet at lunch, a plus for me!

So, where do you go for networking and continuing education?