Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bag Ladies REJOICE - Bag Borrow Or Steal

Who says Internet advertising doesn't work?

I was out snooping through The Pioneer Woman's new digs when an ad on the left column caught my eye. So being the obedient consumer I am, I clicked and was briskly whisked off to Bag Borrow or Steal. THE website for fashionistas and IMHO a very unique concept.

Bag, Borrow or Steal is like a candy shop for the bag lady in all of us. They stock the latest in designer bags and some vintage ones too. You select the bag you like, enter a credit card and wait for the nice delivery man to bring you your prize. You can keep it for as long as you want with borrowing fees assessed by the a week or month. When you tire of the bag you drop in in a box and send it back. If you decide you truly can't part with a particular bag you can even "steal it" (a.k.a. buying it out right).

Those who know me know that hip, chic and trendy are probably the LAST words anyone would use to describe me. So, I won't be adding my name to the waiting list for the latest Jimmy Choo bag, but BBOS gets my nod for a truly unique concept.

Have you tried it? I'd love to know what you thought.

Don't miss this blog!

My friend and colleague Karon Thackston has a way with words.
This is a) an understatement and b) a good thing since she learns her living writing copy for her company Marketing Words, Inc.

I first met Karon through Jill Whalen, Karon was a regular presenter at the High Ranking search Marketing Seminars and she writes regularly for the Jill's e-newsletter the High Rankings Adviser (including an article on consistency in your pay-per-click campaigns in the latest issue).

However Karon is a successful author in her own right. She's written 3 popluar ebooks

Karon's approach to teaching copy writing is process oriented but informative and effective and most importantly, doable. I had many a seminar attendee tell me Karon had demystified the copy writing process for them. I liked Karon's work so much, I hired her to create the copy for my event planning web site. Oh and did I mention Karon is a dream to work with? Always organized, usually ahead of deadlines, NEVER late.

Karon has just launched a blog, at here she dispenses invaluable nuggets of copy writing wisdom and shares her thoughts on the process as a whole, so pop on over and say hi and partake in the conversation.

It is NEVER too late to pursue your dreams

I read a story in today's Concord Monitor about John Archer.

John is 99 and hopes to see a collection of poems he wrote at the ripe old age of 92 published this year by Revolution Booksellers in Exeter, New Hampshire. The book is titled Walking Backwards Towards Old Age and is due to be released this fall.

According to the article, he self published the book and it sold at local bookstores, but other than contacting a handful of national publishers, never did much to promote it.

Phil Englehardt, president of Revolution found it and thought it fit perfectly with their mission "to provide marketing and support to authors through a business model based on the independent music industry".

How cool is that to be looking at the end of your life and to know that a piece of you will live on after your passing?

So, how do you want future generations to remember you?