Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't miss this blog!

My friend and colleague Karon Thackston has a way with words.
This is a) an understatement and b) a good thing since she learns her living writing copy for her company Marketing Words, Inc.

I first met Karon through Jill Whalen, Karon was a regular presenter at the High Ranking search Marketing Seminars and she writes regularly for the Jill's e-newsletter the High Rankings Adviser (including an article on consistency in your pay-per-click campaigns in the latest issue).

However Karon is a successful author in her own right. She's written 3 popluar ebooks

Karon's approach to teaching copy writing is process oriented but informative and effective and most importantly, doable. I had many a seminar attendee tell me Karon had demystified the copy writing process for them. I liked Karon's work so much, I hired her to create the copy for my event planning web site. Oh and did I mention Karon is a dream to work with? Always organized, usually ahead of deadlines, NEVER late.

Karon has just launched a blog, at here she dispenses invaluable nuggets of copy writing wisdom and shares her thoughts on the process as a whole, so pop on over and say hi and partake in the conversation.

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