Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Twittering, are you?

I signed up for a Twitter account a year ago. For the life of me couldn't figure out how it could be anything more than a time sucker, especially for someone like me who is REALLY nosy and likes to know what others are up to. So, my Twitter account lay dormant.

However, recently, Twitter keeps popping into my life. Two weeks ago, I read Is Twitter for the Birds in the High Rankings Adviser and that got me thinking. Then I was catching up one of my favorite bloggers Mrs. Fussypants and she Twitters. The proverbial straw came this morning while talking with a colleague who works for the WC3. She relayed a conversation she had at lunch the other day about using Twitter to generate blog traffic.

So, I'm going to give Twitter a try. Do you tweet? If so, follow me

Tweet, tweet!

1 comment:

Alli {Mrs. Fussypants} said...

Hooray for Twitter. Everyone must twitter! ;)